The Planet symbolic for the Hall of Wisdom is Uranus since it is the planet of destiny with insight into Kosmic Law in humanities relationship with the Solar system. Its energy is the higher octave of Mercuric or mental energy that represents the intuition, which comes as an instantaneous flash of knowingness-the intelligence of wisdom contained in the whole through the blending of the heart and mind via intuition, in the proper distribution of energy and eventual soul mastery.The Path of Wisdom is education, elucidation, peaceful engagement & higher states of consciousness.


"If I were to wish for anything, I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of the
potential for the eye which, ever young and ardent, sees the possible. Pleasure disappoints, possibility never,
and what wine is so sparkling, what so fragrant, what so intoxicating, as possibility!" ~Soren Kierkegaard


~ Alisa Battaglia

Nature is my Religion
Earth is my Temple
Love is my Path

~Alisa Battaglia

© Susan Boulet

Goddess of Light
The Light Bringer, Exalted Light of Heaven, She Who Begets All, Guardian of the Law, Shepherdess of the Lands

Goddess of Fertility, Love and War.
The Light of the World, Leader of Hosts,
Opener of the Womb, Righteous Judge, Lawgiver, Goddess of Goddesses,
Bestower of Strength,
Framer of All decrees, Lady of Victory,
Forgiver of Sins, Torch of Heaven and Earth.

Earth Goddess
My Wings!

Wise Owlette

he Law of Opposites

Duality is not the nature of the Universe. Duality is an Illusion of a particular reality consensus held.

It is the end product of ultimate equilibrium disturbed

The foundation of the Path of Union recognizes the evolutionary process of the Soul and is thus, based within the living energy fields of sentient Earth. There is no ascension (disembodied enlightenment). The soul of the luminous child of Nature is already ascended and eternal. The process is about incarnational experience and growth through the connection with Nature. Our Soul is connected to the Earth and our Spirit is connected to the galactic core, our Source and origin. We are a part of Nature with this Planet.

The illusion of separation is an Archon implant via the construct of the ego-complex to separate us from Soul and Spirit - to induce the Soul into automaton. The ego driven personality is divisive and thus, cannot participate directly with the Miracle of Life. As such, the unmanaged state of being is a threat to sovereign conscience and connection with Nature. Its mechanized behavior bifurcates the fluidity of the bio-psycho-spiritual complex. It redirects the attention streaming into automaton via technological trickery and false authority. Cultural Memes are implanted into our minds that point to how we are to live by guiding attitudes that we end up living through scripts indirectly controlling what we think, feel, say and do. Furthermore, we are convinced that the imprisoning social edifice is real offering freedom through its simulations and virtual realities. We are convinced that second hand experience is better than direct experience, that the authority imposed on us is to protect us from our sovereign conscience and that artificial is better than the natural forms of sustenance, healing, beauty and perfection of Nature. Ultimately, these substitutions in lieu of the natural world disconnect the life umbilicus from Earth sustenance, asphyxiating the human spirit and inducing the Soul into automaton. This Archontic deception played out by its psychopathic minions in vie for power and control over all life, is the source of evil on our planet. We know EVIL by its "death urge agenda" that defies innate human goodness. Truth is inverted, which works against the symbiotic unity of life and impedes our species' capacity to survive and thrive.

When we connect with divine Nature wisdom and intelligence, our Soul over-rides the ego’s illusory concepts of reality and we begin to ground Spirit into our bodies. The unhampered human Soul with its divine faculties and divine intelligence can now participate directly with the miracle of the "Life Urge, the living Earth. Gnosis through direct access with the" Organic Light of Nature's Spiritual realities. This communion is called embodiment in the attainment of full somatic enlightenment that is open to all of us.

There is a union of all things that are different. Union is the connection of the diversity in relationships - of combining or bringing together different things together as one. For example the: physical-gender body, mental, feelingful-emotional, and creative life energies in their relationship with one another and within the sensorial realms of Nature and interdimensions of Spirit. Working with these fundamental life energies and the patterns created from their inter-relationship proposes a multifaceted, integral and open-ended approach to inner organizational change. While everyone has their own set of beliefs, feeling ranges and life experiences that create a kaleidoscope of possibilities, there is a passage of sheathing the inauthentic parts of our nature that is common to all of us, if we are to experience the emergence of a material Soul. The purpose of "sheathing the layers of our inauthenticity" - the density or inner resistance - is to regain our palpable human essence at the hearts center. At the core Self is a palpable essence of refracting luminosity through the diamond heart. The "innerdiamond" is the Soul’s crystal recorder held within the feeling heart matrix that when amplified receives true Love, Grace, and the translucent light of the Godhead. ""Heart coherence brings inner reorganization or alignment within the somatic body, synthesis with creative spiritual energies, and planetary frequencies of which we are a vital part. Closer to the core of our authentic Self, as luminous children of Nature, we begin to unfold unto our co-creative life potential in our current incarnational gender body in the fusion of opposites.

Polarity is the law of life with its opposites, of attraction and repulsion or positive and negative currents of spiritual masculine and feminine force. Creation brings forth energetic opposites by its centrifugal force. They oppose each other on the surface and unite in the center creating equilibrium, as opposites have their origin in the common center of unity - the two in the One. Union is the merging of these two currents into One Focused Essence, an infusion of sorts. Thus, the focus of masculine and feminine spiritual energies is to find the co-creator within the other. Heterosexual love is the attraction of opposites and follows the same principle dynamic of compatibility.

The human personality also functions under the same uniting principle. To unite in the center of love, inner separations or gaps in consciousness must be bridged in order to empath, rather than psychopath. The degrees of separation between head and empathic heart vary from individual to individual according to perceptual faculites. Myopia (short sightedness) amounts to broken filaments of light (vibration/frequency) with Source Consciousness streaming. Perforations within the light patterns break or disconnect our ability to see the whole Truth as it is.
Too many people tend to think in terms of binary - good/bad, black/white, etc that casues bifurcation, a spliting of reality.

Within the myriad fields of mindal energies are patterns in variant expressions of frequency. The frequency output of harmony, love and intelligence is an organized flow compared to the turbulent flow of unprocessed fear, anger and pain. The directional flows are what produces our vectors of perception. For instance, a particular resonant pattern or energy signature is created from the inter-relationship we have with life: the Soul in relation to Spirit - our purpose and Soul expression; the Soul in relation to our personality structure - the amount of fusion between the heart and mind; sexuality and creative expression - how we care for our bodies and express our life urge through our gender body; and fusion of masculine and feminine spiritual forces; the personality in relationship with others - the misplaced chasm between men and women; and a reflection of our internal relationship with the conditions of the outer environment - our general surroundings and the relationship with self between Earth, Nature and our Kosmic heritage. As one can imagine, life is a myriad of interpenetrating relationships that form patterns or blueprints of intricate fields of life energy that informs all life in the NOW. All life holds a particular energy signature that is meant to contribute to Lifes orchestra.
What sounds are you making?

The foundational energy pattern wrests upon integrated masculine and feminine forces within each of these areas of life to create balance, ease and self-transformation. However, for many, a whole internal content is missing. Polarity Integration is a composite approach that involves drawing out inhibitions and developing them, in addition to aligning inner and outer multiplicities or cleavages in the personality complex within the greater whole. This psychological fusion aligns us with the Divine Circuit of wholeness that is Love. As we are brought into closer alignment with our Authentic Self, Love energy begins its reweaving process filling the gaps, fissures, holes and tears caused from fear, pain and trauma in the blanket of our creative expression. When we are on the track of love we widen the sphere of our personal reality. As this ever expanding awaring Self learns to persevere in the commitment of change and permits within a fullness of experience, a loving relationship with Self and all of life is realized. Reverance is born.

To begin to understand the forces at work in our lives, of grounding Spirit into matter, we move within to honor the sacred feminine, the pathway of the Divine Feminine in conjugation with Spirit. To correctly handle these forces of polarity, a strong relationship between the inner structure of our deepest self and the outer form or physical expression must be built.

© Sulamith Wulfing

Without this internal union Spiritual energy is not properly distributed through the senses because the mind cannot hold or focus the continual stream of incoming spiritual energy with equilibrium. A lack of coordination causes the mind to resist and thus, poor decisions are made and actions performed create a reality based on faulty perceptions, fantasies or illusions. When there lacks inner integration, our perceptions also reflect that confusion and we cannot see with clarity or volition.

Volition or awareness posits the right use of the intellect in order to heal cleavages in consciousness or reasoning ways of thinking. Awareness is curative and if rightly focused, the release of blocked or inhibited energies awakens the mind to a deeper connection with soul and Nature's forces. All problems inevitably resolve themselves through correct handling of force. It is simply a matter of proper distribution of energy or point of focus - that is... upon what we choose to place our attention! Ponder this last statement.

Polarity Integration is a bio-psycho-spiritual process that brings to attention an individual's energy signature and their energetic complexities within the body's own energy field and their expression within larger fields. While each individual is comprised of differentiating energies that include; stages of development or point of evolution, states of consciousness, amplitudes of heart, environing conditions, hereditary factors, ancient DNA, and aspect of Spirit or conditioning Ray, all must be investigated to ascertain where the lack of coordination within ones energy field exists. This means that results will differ according to where an individual is, the origin and complexity of a pattern, but always addressing the most problematic of the aggregate bodies (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) first. This process of unfolding occurs in progressive stages: dissolution (letting go), alignment or congruency between what you think, feel, say and do, integration (interface of personality with Soul)
with use of Nature's initiatory tools for somatic enlightenment.

Edited excerpt from "The Septenate Human ~ A Spiritual Psychology of Alignment, Integration and Initiation,"
By Alisa Battaglia©2008-2016

See artilce: Bridge Building

Integration of Interindividual Polarity

Integration of Physical Polarity: catabolism & anabolism (assimilation); sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous Systems; positive & negative poles on a cellular level, etc.

Integration of Emotional Polarity: pleasure-pain; excitement-depression; confidence-fear; attraction-repulsion; abundant-excessive; allowing-controlling; authoritative-dogmatic; balanced-extreme; Being-having; candid-calculating; challenged-impeded; cheerful-manic; conciliatory-inflexible; confident-arrogant; considerate-indulgent; conscious-unaware; defending-attacking; erotic-lustful; flexible-rigid; gentle-rough; forgiving-resenting; generous-petty; harmonious-disruptive; giving-taking; helpful-meddling; noble-pompous; receiving-grasping; valuing-exploitive; natural-artificial; liberating-restrictive; humorous-somber; serene-dull; kind-cruel; truthful-false; unifying-dividing, etc.

Integration of Mental Polarity:Pathos (Receptivity, Sensitivity, Reactivity)-Ethos (Activity, Dynamism, Will); Eros (Feeling)-Logos (Reason); Deductive thinking & Inductive thinking. Other principal mental polarities also include: Body-Psyche; Consciousness-the Unconscious; the lower Unconscious-the Superconscious.

Integration of Interindividual Polarity: Man & Woman, Adults & Young People, Parents & their Children; ancestral influences & family traditions; individual & social and professional classes, cultural & religious groups, and nations; families & families, classes & classes, nations & nations; family & the state; classes & nations; between a state & a federation of states, and so on.

Integration of Earth-Nature Polarity: Species supremacy is the cause of all human and planetary destruction - the psychopathy of intraspecies predation or social evil.

Integration of Spiritual Polarity: I AM THAT I AM. Personality self & Soul, a polarity which is the cause of many inner conflicts, until harmonious relationships and an increasing blending or unification (spiritual psychosynthesis) are achieved.

Integrative Healing

Emotions Control
the Braid of DNA

Emerging Anthropos 11- The Luminous Child in
A Divine Experiment

Plasmic braids creating the bridging link to recalibrate humanity

The dissolution process sets into entropy, patterns that have outlived their evolutionary usefulness. This letting go process of surrendering faulty concepts of self and of the world brings us to closer alignment with our inner core being - that of ectopy, which is aliveness, joy and wisdom. The more layers we peel away that holds the mask of our inauthentic self into place, the closer we are to reaching the diamond core within. When alignment with our inner core becomes a part of our daily living experience we enter the integration phase. Integrating the awareness of the united Self opens the flow of sexual energies for cultivation onto higher levels of creative self mastery. Expressing the myriad facets of our creativity allows us to trust the feeling-intellect of the heart. The fusion between the head and the heart is where we begin to hone the Inner Diamond of our authentic Self into rich expression.


The whole process of integration concerns the production of results worked out in conscious realization that eliminates cleavages in the unrealized self through cultivation of gnosis. It brings the distinction between essentials and non-essentials, right direction and wrong goals, between the various satisfactions of the lower nature subject to the urge of its own desires and the higher or Soul aspect in surrender to the inevitable - the ability to be anti-social or social in meeting surrounding need, and the recognition to capacity and assets of potentiality. Conflict is overcome when potentiality is cultivated as the power of expression, thus eliminating impossible goals and inevitable frustration. With a rightly polarized focus or intention, one learns through nature instruction, reason and focus of attention to govern the Law of their being with creative effectiveness.



Mending the Cracked Womb
Into Fullness, Sensuality & Creativity

© Heidi Taillefer

It is said that the Present is
Pregnant with the Future.


ll women are beautiful, there is no woman that is not, whether she argues with her mirror image is irrelevant…the fact remains that all women are beautiful. There is only a slight shift in perception between what we see as beauty and what we refer to as ugly. What we each consider to be beautiful is defined by a composite of thoughts that we have collected in our search for a definition of beauty and this composite is the image of the beautiful person we have in the back of our minds. It is from this composite belief or concepts that we match all images against in our definition of beauty. Everything is a concept until it is integrated. Often our sense of personal beauty comes from society's definition of beauty, misaligning us from our actual truth, beauty and love. The message to disconnect from our essential self and Source becomes integrated into what becomes our reality-ugliness!

When we judge ourselves against society's standards and norms of beauty and mutilate our bodies to fit this distortion we in turn distort our selves to reflect this distorted image. When essential or divine beauty is lost in the concepts carried in the head rather than of the heart, our unique beauty is fabricated into something false. It is this false concept of beauty that causes us to become unattractive in our imbalance. When we are unbalanced, bitter and angry our uniqueness and love cannot shine through and we become ugly fulfilling a self-prophecy in the way we think about our selves.

omen must begin to see their beauty in terms of her innate power and unique beauty as a reflection of God-Goddess that she holds within her rather than just a physical identification of her attractiveness. She must identify with her essential wholeness that in part comes from the creativity and power generated from her womb, her ability to create life and to nurture that life in hardship until that life can care for itself. The reproductive system is the power center that responds to the instinctual urge to procreate and the extra source of creative power in the female gender body that is foreign to the male. The extra life force lies within our ovaries that are whole in their life giving capacity to produce either sex--other whole females or change, to create a male. Within the female is both male and female simultaneously and thus, her power resides in both masculine and feminine strengths. Symbolically, women unlike men innately contain an inner phallic and a physical womb. This essential difference between the gender bodies makes it challenging for men to embrace his feminine aspect, which must be cultivated through discipline. The Taoists masters call the male practice of attending the feminine within, cultivating a spiritual embryo. Females are born with this life-giving capacity and it is already an inherent part of her nature.

The female does not have to use her reproductive powers to bear children, but she must be wise to understand that her power resides from her power to reproduce. Once the soul (the inhabitant of the physical body) recognizes the endurance advantage of the female body it can begin to use its power resource productively and creatively in ways mundane or sublime. A wise woman in touch with her essence will often seek advanced options and use her powerful forces to preserve her self by retaining or controlling her sexual power that she shares instead of giving away. In place of forming a fetus from a fertilized egg, she uses her ovarian energy (Uterine Chalice) to raise her primordial sexual energy into the higher energy centers in the body. On a spiritual level she gives birth. Literally, a rebirth or new life that brings confidence in controlling the powerful flow of creative energy that gives satisfaction and a higher sense of balance and harmony with the world.

Before cultivation of female sexual energy is possible we must transform or neutralize our wounding experiences so that our generative region can re-gain sensitivity and open up. The vagina is like a flower and the wombs energy is the force that unfolds her. If her bud is outwardly forced to open to soon or roughly fissures are created and she may never blossom as her energy is withdrawn seeping through the cracks of her womb and her petals grow weak and shrivel from lack of feeling nourishment. She may never trust or feel safe again to unfold her glory. This is the deep wound that must be healed. When the womb is cracked it loses energy with capacity to hold energy at all, rendering the female powerless. When the womb is whole again it regains capacity and flexibility to hold and cultivate sexual energy. How can we begin to normalize the genital area to help restore wholesome sexuality? With Polarity Integration, the Infinity Body Awareness Technique and trust in your deepest self are the tools for integration that will help you address personal issues on multi-dimensional levels.

Excerpts from The Essential Self, Cultivating the Sacred Feminine through Polarity Integration by Alisa Battaglia©2008

Path-Shops to be Announced.

For information on Spiritual Midwifery

Dear Woman
Conscious Men Apologize to Women


Energetic Reconfiguration

Cultivating The Sacred Feminine
through Polarity Integration

The framework for transformation of the spirit and psyche is based upon the force of dynamic Universal energy, its Laws and Principles and cultivation of that force by harnessing sexual energy for higher use; to align the physical, emotional and mental bodies; and integrate spiritual and core gender energies through these powerful energies that pervade life. Effectively harnessing the creative impulse of life affirming energies through the heart helps us to create a firm foundation and centeredness of self. Within the heart are where our answers reside and the uniqueness of our gifts revealed. The heart is the center of awareness. It is where all energies converge and where our deepest passions lie under the layers of doubt, resistance, societal and familial conditioning.

When the personality does not act in accordance with the authentic self it persists in illusion. Illusion creates internal conflict because the urge of the deepest Self is not heard and the lower ego acts against the Principle of Unity and forces its own agenda against the higher Will of the Authentic Self. This causes the personality to live behind a mask. Wearing a mask limits authentic communication and a deeper connection with Self and others. Living life from behind a psychological faceplate produces duality, conflict, sexual imbalance, unhappiness, depression and health issues by default. When the human spirit is kept in bondage by the limitation of lower sexual energies and their inhibitions that is produced by living on the track of fear, the cultivation of personal power that governs the law of its being in tandem with Universal Principle and creative effectiveness renders obsolete.

Voluntarily set aside your mask, the security of familiar gender roles and habitual defense mechanisms and liberate the wings of your soul! As you enter the space of the sacred feminine and willingly "sheath the layers of inauthenticity" that does not accurately reflect your potential, you learn creative uses of sexual energy for integration of opposing forces, and then transform those negative energies that hold you back from fulfilling your creative purpose.

The Cultivation of Sexual or generative energy concerns the myriad uses and expression of those energies psychologically, physically-sexually and emotionally. However, obstructed sexual energy that is freed enhances sexual pleasure and aliveness that opens us to greater passion. When fear of intimacy is released our hearts open to greater love that lends a capacity to give and receive love deepening relationships on all levels expanding consciousness and deeper levels of compassion.


The Essential Self, Cultivating the Sacred Feminine through Polarity Integration
by Alisa Battaglia

BOOK: Ecology of The Spirit, Assimilation through Resonance, Integrating Humanity with Soul
by Alisa Battaglia

"It's time to pay attention to the Heart.
For a man, a woman symbolizes his soul.
For a woman, a man symbolizes her protection
and self-actualization.
It is time to sing to your soul
and ask for Love."


The Buddha was asked: "Is there only one summit of consciousness or are there several?"
He replied: "One and several. As one state of consciousness is realized, then the next is seen.
Thus there are several and there is one."He was then asked: "Which is first, awareness or knowledge?"
"Awareness arises first and then comes knowledge.
One can then say, 'Because of my awareness, I know this as a fact." ~
Digha Nikaya

The Tree
of Consciousness


Patience is the sprouting of religion, firmness its root, good conduct is the flower, the enlightened heart the boughs and branches, wisdom supreme the entire tree, the "transcendent law" the fruit, its shade protects all living things. Say then! Why would you cut it down?

Hold Steady
The Path of Heart

Summary of Vibrational Initiation Process:

Rites of Passage Into Increasing Awareness & Heart Expansion
Into Soul - Source Energy

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The Evolutionary Process of the Soul

"Knowledge is not the accumulation of data or the information of thought.
True knowledge is to merge with the living field of knowing itself."

On the journey of self-discovery, we all spiral through stages that release us from the limitations that stand between the egoic personality and the awareness of our Soul. Each evolving stage unravels kaleidoscopic facets of our pain reflected by our limitations, blockages and imbalances in our bodies' energy system until they are dissolute. As these limiting patterns and energy blockages of our sheathing process are released, we enter clarity to our inner light and the Diamond within becomes visible. The facets reveal to us different perceptions of an experience and we discover why our maladaptive patterns are no longer needed, as it becomes understood that our unresolved emotions, self-doubt, confusion, and self-limiting beliefs, judgments and sometimes our illnesses are the experience of our fear based emotions.

While the process we experience in life is unique to each of us, there is initially nothing new in our stories that has not been shared before. We all experience a critical mass within ourselves that causes a rebirth or a death while living in our bodies. The vast amounts of letting go and the releasing of lower vibrational energies is the experience of the "dark night of the soul."

The only way out is through
! When we finally pass through the dark tunnel of what feels like the ultimate abyss, into the light of
day we step out with a recalibrated psyche. We find that our consciousness is sensitized to a wider vision of life, nuance and feeling, colors are brighter and we see and hear things in greater detail and with greater meaning. Everything is alive and somehow we never quite noticed the way the sun beam hit the dew on the flower bush refracting back a rainbow to the eyes in the kingdoms of nature to a source of its life elixir - water. There is an inner stability that rests within us when everything is so beautiful!

If we choose to aspire higher, we continue to pass through levels of graduating or ascending awareness of spiritual light. Our energy field slowly expands and becomes brighter and subtler. As we learn the lessons experience has to offer, the wisdom gained elevates consciousness to a higher level. When a new plateau is reached the lower vibrations become uncomfortable and no longer serves any purpose. At this point, such patterns have outlived their evolutionary usefulness and we can now move to the next phase of refinement.

This is how energy works - there are no shortcuts. Each stage of development must be integrated and complete in the now in order to vibrate higher, creating more unified experiences and expanded vectors of perception. With each inner alignment we recognize more fully our divinity, which brings us closer to a life filled with joy, love, self liberation and creative expression that characterizes the experience of the Soul. The goal of this process or "cultivation of the innerdiamond" is to interface more fully with the Soul urge, the purpose of incarnation, and ultimately, to achieve full somatic enlightenment. The Universal Laws of Life with its attraction and repulsion helps guide our way. For instance, aligning with the Spirit in Nature always supports our highest and best Self, while negative emotion is our resistance to the Laws of Life.

Further Thoughts on Ascension
(The Upliftment of Earth & Humanity into Integrated Consciousness in Alignment with the Galactic Center aka Pleromic Core).

Summary of Vibrational Initiation Process
Rites of Passage Into Increasing Awareness & Heart Expansion
Into Soul - Source Energy

"Life must be seen from the angle of the soul, not from the world.”

"The battle for the Soul currently witnessed on Earth is one in which the Light of the Higher Self is challenging the will of the ego for control of the individual soul." A self-conscious Spirit is the secret ingredient for authentication of our true Nature.

We are clearly in transformational times amidst a collective initiation into a higher dimensional awareness as part of a larger Kosmic transition. The sooner the human family prepares for passage and undertakes the phases of development of increasing vibrational sensitivity and attunement, the more quickly we are able to make spiritual progress and raise our collective light quotient so
that the life pulse moves into sync with Kosmic evolutionary potential.

The evolutionary process of human enlightenment leads us to reunification with the Divine. Such reunification is a process of Nature and part of humanities natural spiritual growth since birth incarnation on Earth. Engaging natural evolutionary processes allows us to make spiritual progress in a month, rather than over a period of years or even lifetimes, which involves integrating love frequencies resonant in Nature for unified expression within us, outwardly. However, the path to clarity is revealed in Tests of Initiation played out within the arenas of the Patrix. While many are awakening across the planet, less than 10% of the world's population is in active participation with the Divinization of Earth. Solar activity and stellar interplay act as triggers to activate morphogentic memory held within the archival body, yet the lull or forgetfulness created by the negative feedback loop keep the masses in hypnosis.

Humanity exists in a time of great opportunity and tremendous challenge, but as with anything of value, the experience of joy, love and liberation as a result of soul integration comes at a price. The price for self/collective liberation is high. The choice for empathic advancement asks us to be willing to stand in self-sovereignty, to take responsibility for ourselves in surrendering our falsehoods, bargaining and mediocrity and to fully commit to the creative self-fulfillment of our Soul's path - to cultivate the innerdiamond within- the jewel of our Soul. Fortunately, the organic unfoldment of our Soul's purpose is exciting and also our greatest joy. This co-creation process into self mastery is why we are here on Earth. Nature is our ally in bridging the gaps in consciousness.

WISDOM PAPERS - Summary of Vibrational Initiation Process: Rites of Passage Into Increasing Awareness & Heart Expansion Into Soul - Source Energy. ~ Buy Now!

Returning From Exiled Consciousness

Culture in Decline: Consumption-Vanity Disorder

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